The perception adults have about the genZ

Hardly a day passes by without an adult questioning the becoming teenage generation. It is in humans nature to question everything young people do. But why are we seeing our teenagers with such bad eyes? The answer is easy and understandable parents are made for worrying and carrying. Youth reality is less catastrophic than we think. 

We are talking about generation Z or gen z. The truth is that we are considered to be a careful generation. Those born after 1997 smoke a little, drink less and look more responsible. They invest more time on studying, spending time with family and are better classmates.

Why is there a discordance between reality and our personal perception of it? There is a memory problem – we tend to forget about the dangers of the past – and a natural fear of the new. It is also possible that adults are condemned to never understand young people. As Amy Orben said: “worrying about teenagers is part of a cycle that is repeated from Ancient Greece.”

What is your perception about the generation Z?

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